2015 Digital Marketing Trends [Infographic]

As we welcome a New Year, we also welcome new trends to focus on in the digital marketing front for 2015. To surpass your competitors and boost demand generation marketing, it is important to research new industry initiatives and not only stay ahead of the trends, but set some while you are at it! Among […]

Marketing Automation Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you are taking advantage of marketing automation consulting or you are managing your marketing automation tool (MAT) on your own, it can be a challenge to learn the ins and outs of a MAT to use it to its full potential. Marketing automation can thoroughly maximize your demand generation campaigns and take them to […]

Engagement Marketing: What are you doing to keep your buyers interested?

It’s time to get a little personal with your buyers. With the plethora of marketing messages out there, how can you connect with your buyers and rise above the noise? The answer…engagement marketing. If done right, this new approach will not only enhance your demand generation campaigns, but will force you to listen to your […]

Achieving the Marketing-as-a-Service Trifecta

At Televerde we’ve learned there are 3 things customers value most when they decide who to work with. They want a services partner who can: Get it right with a high degree of expertise and strategic value Make it happen with a solid people, process and technology foundation – aka horsepower Be accountable by constantly […]

Are you sinking in the B2B Marketing Shift?

Let’s face it… B2B marketing isn’t the same anymore. With the power of online and social media marketing, B2B marketers are forced to make create highly defined and targeted messages. Let’s join Cody Young, VP of Marketing at Televerde, and Ginger Shimp, Marketing Director at SAP, as they discuss the impact of the B2B marketing […]

Can You Hear Me Now? The Importance of Relevance.

The definition of effective communication varies from person to person. However, most people agree that to be effective in your communication, you must be able to meet the other person where they’re at in terms of relevance. Regardless of someone’s communication style, preference, and comfort zone, marketers must have a higher level of creativity to […]

Top 5 Qualities of a Successful Inside Sales Rep

Inside sales outsourcing can save you money. But did you know it can also increase your sales numbers? That’s because highly trained inside sales representatives (ISRs) know how to make the most of each sales conversation with prospective buyers by customizing their approach to the buyer’s persona. As part of Televerde’s sales pipeline solutions, we […]

Sales Pipeline Solutions & Inside Sales: Q&A with Sherry Paterra, Pt. II

  The gap between marketing and sales at most companies is the stuff of legend. Closing that gap is the job of inside sales reps and experts in lead qualification services. To teach us more about exactly what inside sales reps do and how Televerde helps them do it better, we got in touch with […]

What Demand Generation Means To You: Q&A with Sherry Paterra

Finally, a definitive explanation of what the term ‘demand generation’ actually means and how it can help your pipeline. Plus other insights about incoming leads: how to get them, and what to do once you have them. Read it all in our interview with Sherry Paterra, Televerde’s Senior VP of End-to-End Services—Sherry is an industry […]

4 Steps to a Knock-Out Demand Generation Assessment

In our last post, we introduced you the 10 steps to achieving a demand center of excellence. Essentially, these 10 steps follow our marching orders for every client engagement. That marching order is known as ASEMO. April Brown, VP of Demand Generation Services, says ASEMO is an acronym that explains what Televerde does to fix […]