Go for a Touchdown, Not a Field Goal – Now That’s Going Beyond BANT

Karen Schweitzer | January 7, 2014

You are a modern marketer, and you work hard on your lead generation programs. You have the right content, and the right SEO and social strategy in place. You’re sending your sales team fully qualified leads with budget, authority, need and timeframe (BANT). But, guess what? You have brought your prospect to the red zone, […]

Take 3 Steps Toward Modern Marketing and Better Marketing Results

Televerde Marketing | December 30, 2013

Before I start espousing the benefits of “modern marketing,” perhaps a definition is appropriate. Turning to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, you find: mod·ern, adjective -ˈmä-dərn – based on or using the newest information, methods, or technology. Then, you find: mar·ket·ing, noun -ˈmär-kə-tiŋ  – the activities that are involved in making people aware of a company’s products, […]

No Marketing Silos

Televerde Marketing | August 12, 2013

Just as quickly as the buyer’s journey is evolving, the modern day marketer’s responsibilities are not too far behind. In some form, marketing has always been responsible for revenue. However, with well over half (70%) of your buyers doing more research on your products and services before engaging with sales, revenue has soared to the […]

Five Ways to Improve your TeleProspecting Campaign Through Better Planning

Karen Schweitzer | June 6, 2013

It’s pretty safe to say that the more prepared you are, the more successful you’ll be, right? Companies with highly effective TeleProspecting campaigns have one up on their competition; they have a greater level of campaign preparedness. When you’re planning your TeleProspecting campaigns, what steps are taken in this critical planning phase? Here are five […]

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Larry Fleischman | October 2, 2012

Marketing Automation Enables – Not Drives – Optimized Lead Generation Programs Why Knowing the Difference Matters, and How Human Touch Integration Impacts Your Results Learn why integration of actionable data, content messaging and human touch has a direct impact on the output of your lead generation programs, and how marketing automation technology helps to enable […]

Thank You SiriusDecisions for Acknowledging the Value of Teleprospecting

Larry Fleischman | June 18, 2012

By: Larry Fleischman, Director of Marketing, Televerde Between a recent blog post by SiriusDecisions’ Jason Hekl, Research Director for Demand Creation Strategies, conversations at their recent Summit about the value of the teleprospecting function (aka “lead development function”), and the emphasis in the new Demand Waterfall on the role and value of teleprospecting in the […]

Contact Data Analysis Generates Significant Cost Savings for SAP

Elizabeth Ninivaggi | June 13, 2012

By Elizabet Ninivaggi, Marketing Specialist, Televerde SAP offers ERP solutions and services for improving business operations. SAP’s OEM Division coordinates a partner program that offers efficient ways for Independent Software Vendors to sell business intelligence software to enhance their bottom line by including best-in-class embedded reporting, high-value analytics, and dashboard functionality with their software solutions. […]

Boosting Sales Demands for a Leading Data Analytics Company

Elizabeth Ninivaggi | June 11, 2012

By Elizabet Ninivaggi, Marketing Specialist, Televerde With newly developed technologies such as cloud architecture, companies offering these solutions have had to re-think and re-develop their go-to-market plans to achieve new sales revenue objectives. Quantivo is an example of a cloud-based solution company that came to Televerde to help them generate qualified sales leads. We constructed […]

Accelerating the Sales Pipeline by Providing Accurate Data and Intelligence

Elizabeth Ninivaggi | June 11, 2012

By Elizabet Ninivaggi, Marketing Specialist, Televerde Televerde excels in enriching our clients’ marketing databases and utilizing the improved data in demand creation, lead qualification and lead nurturing campaigns. These services were highly useful for one of our clients – a premier provider of customized technology solutions, services and support. The company’s sales reps had been […]

How Improving Contact Data Can Yield Stronger Marketing ROI

Elizabeth Ninivaggi | June 7, 2012

By Elizabeth Ninivaggi, Marketing Specialist, Televerde Televerde’s unique approach to providing Sales Support and Contact Data Acquisition and Enrichment services for our clients enables improvements to their sales and marketing operational processes and, ultimately, sales results. In one recent scenario, we implemented a solution for a client who offers services for improving business operations. The […]