4 Steps to a Knock-Out Demand Generation Assessment

Televerde Marketing | July 11, 2014

In our last post, we introduced you the 10 steps to achieving a demand center of excellence. Essentially, these 10 steps follow our marching orders for every client engagement. That marching order is known as ASEMO. April Brown, VP of Demand Generation Services, says ASEMO is an acronym that explains what Televerde does to fix […]

Prom Night at Tech Data

Televerde Marketing | July 2, 2014

Do you remember all the planning, collaboration, and thought we put into our prom night? The prom committee found the perfect venue, selected an amazing theme, and chose the best date and time. They worked with the principal to attract great entertainment. You accepted or invited someone to be your date, picked out the perfect […]

Demand Generation Engagement and ASEMO: Q&A with April Brown

Televerde Marketing | July 1, 2014

What exactly is ASEMO and how can it help you? This week we interviewed April Brown, our Vice President of Demand Generation Services, about our innovative ASEMO methodology we use in demand generation engagement. Brown also talks about lead generation telemarketing and the importance of using human touch to deliver results. She has a deep […]

Are you ready for #Interact14?

Televerde Marketing | June 25, 2014

The countdown is officially on for this year’s Oracle Marketing Cloud Interact Conference. Have you been following all of the announcements about #Interact14 coming up in July? Cody Young, Head of Marketing at Televerde, caught up with Elliot Smith, Director of Alliances and Channels at Oracle, to discuss what you can expect from #Interact14. CY: […]

Lifecycle Marketing: Maximize Your Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Televerde Marketing | June 20, 2014

Leads can be fickle. One day they’re ready to buy—then the next day they’re hesitating, and after that, who knows, right? This means you need to have lead nurturing services in place that are flexible and reflect your customer’s decision cycle. When a potential customer moves from one stage of the buying process to another, […]

3 Mistakes to Avoid in the Marketing & Sales Pipeline

Televerde Marketing | June 5, 2014

The sales pipeline is not always a friendly place. Whether you are sales manager working on forecast accuracy or a marketing exec trying to increase the volume of qualified leads, you probably have had your fair share of pipeline management ups and downs. Here at Televerde, we know how crucial each stage of the pipeline […]

Modern Marketing Series – Demand Generation

Televerde Marketing | April 28, 2014

Marketers: Welcome to the new age Over the past decade, we’ve seen a dramatic revolution in marketing. It’s no longer a one and done email blasts, a snazzy marketing brochure and cold-calling until your fingers bleed. Marketing operations seamlessly linked to sales operations is the new corporate mandate that is driving an unprecedented level of […]

Quick Tips for Lead Nurturing Success

Televerde Marketing | April 4, 2014

When you’re looking to take advantage of the most effective lead nurturing services to aid your business, it can be tough to know which tips to trust. For as many answers that you stumble upon, you’ll come across an equal number of difficult questions. Why is constant communication important? Is lead nurturing more about giving […]

Go for a Touchdown, Not a Field Goal – Now That’s Going Beyond BANT

Karen Schweitzer | January 7, 2014

You are a modern marketer, and you work hard on your lead generation programs. You have the right content, and the right SEO and social strategy in place. You’re sending your sales team fully qualified leads with budget, authority, need and timeframe (BANT). But, guess what? You have brought your prospect to the red zone, […]

Take 3 Steps Toward Modern Marketing and Better Marketing Results

Televerde Marketing | December 30, 2013

Before I start espousing the benefits of “modern marketing,” perhaps a definition is appropriate. Turning to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, you find: mod·ern, adjective -ˈmä-dərn – based on or using the newest information, methods, or technology. Then, you find: mar·ket·ing, noun -ˈmär-kə-tiŋ  – the activities that are involved in making people aware of a company’s products, […]